It is time for nominations for President Elect Nominee and 2 Directors.  Elections are in December. 


Please send your nominations to any of the three members of the nominating committee:

Roxy Skogen 

or Mike Glickman
Current Members are:
Roxy Skogen President (14-15)
Wayne Heili President-Elect (15-16)
Brian McCash President-Elect Nominee (16-17)
Mike Glickman  Past President
Marie Puryear Secretary (Til end of 16-17) 
Debbie Bradley Treasurer (Til end of 16-17) 
Barb Redder til 2015
Charlie Moore til 2015
Mary Baker til 2016
Blaine Christensen til 2016
Chad Cundy til 2017
Gary Lathrop til 2017