Five Trails Rotary is sponsoring an International Service Project in Boquete, Panama.  We have applied for and been approved to receive funding from the Rotary District 5440 Grant program.  The project is to construct a public restroom facility at the public health center located in Boquete, Panama.  This facility offers health services to hundreds of indigenous people that live in the mountains surrounding Boquete.  The health center currently has restroom facilities for staff only.  The patients are forced to use an adjacent alley which is not only unhealthy but also degrading.  The public restroom facility will be constructed behind the health center in an area our Rotary Club has already constructed a trash and medical waste containment structure.  The objective is to provide a clean, wheel chair accessible restroom facility to allow the male and female patients privacy and dignity.  Construction of the facility has been contracted with a local builder and is expected to start this month (December).  In June, a team of Rotarians will be heading to Panama to complete the project painting and finishing work.  If you are interested in participating in this international service project, contact Dave Scriven.