Board Approved 4/16/15   The Board of Directors of Five Trails Rotary Club has adopted District 5440 "Protection Policies and Procedures," which protects both Rotarians and the people we serve.


In an effort to provide an ongoing safe environment, our Board of Directors are requiring our members, that provide transportation, to obtain a ten year driving history record, from the Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT). A copy of this driving history can be obtained at 800 Bryan Stock Trail, Casper, WY. There should be no waiting time, and the cost is $5.00, for which our club will reimburse you. The copy of your driving history and proof of auto insurance should be submitted to our club protection officer (CPO). This must be done before transportation services are provided. 

Our CPO will review the record. If there are items that do not meet our safety standards, the CPO will confer with the board president. If it is determined that your volunteer service could be better used in another area, you will be notified by our CPO. This will be done in strict confidentiality.



Rotarians wishing to provide transportation for minors are also required to obtain a personal background check. Instructions on how to obtain a personal background check can be found at our District 5440 website. Our club will pay the cost of the personal background checkThis must be done before any transportation services are provided. Issues raised in the background check will be addressed using our District 5440 “Protection and Policies and Procedures.”


Our Board of Directors are requiring Rotarian volunteers providing transportation services to obtain their ten year driving history on an annual basis. Rotarians providing transportation to minors are also required to obtain a personal background check on an annual basis. These records will be destroyed annually. Our Board of Directors also stresses the need for our Rotarians providing any Rotary-related services to think "Two Deep." Have more than one adult present; the other adult does not need to be another Rotarian. There is safety in numbers.


Our Board of Directors thanks you, and truly needs your service, but also wants to ensure your safety. Any questions or concerns should be directed to our club CPO. This year's Club Protection Officer (CPO) is;  Dick Dresang   Ph. (307) 333-5137 email