Family of Rotary

Posted by Stacy Nelson

Fellow Rotarians,

Lesha Thorvaldson and I are the committee members for Family of Rotary.  If you have any information about past members, families, current members and situations they may be experiencing please let one of us know.  We will be happy to keep the club updated and coordinate cards to be sent to show our support on behalf of Five Trails.  Our contact information is as follows:  Lesha:     307-262-7791  or email at      Stacy:  307-267-1720 (cell—text is ok) or email at

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Can you help serve at the Rescue Mission in our future months?

We are trying to get Rotarians to sign up for one of our service projects, serving at the Rescue Mission, a little bit ahead.  
I've created a Google Doc that can be typed in and updated electronically, and should make things easier for signing up.  You do not have to have a Google account to use this electronic form to sign up to serve.  Just click on the link and put your name next to a date.  We need two Rotarians each month.   The directions are at the bottom of this schedule as well.
Thanks, everyone!  Hope this will help Cheryl out!
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Protection Policies and Procedures

Board Approved 4/16/15   The Board of Directors of Five Trails Rotary Club has adopted District 5440 "Protection Policies and Procedures," which protects both Rotarians and the people we serve.


In an effort to provide an ongoing safe environment, our Board of Directors are requiring our members, that provide transportation, to obtain a ten year driving history record, from the Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT). A copy of this driving history can be obtained at 800 Bryan Stock Trail, Casper, WY. There should be no waiting time, and the cost is $5.00, for which our club will reimburse you. The copy of your driving history and proof of auto insurance should be submitted to our club protection officer (CPO). This must be done before transportation services are provided. 

Our CPO will review the record. If there are items that do not meet our safety standards, the CPO will confer with the board president. If it is determined that your volunteer service could be better used in another area, you will be notified by our CPO. This will be done in strict confidentiality.


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Nominations sought for incoming PEN and directors

It is time for nominations for President Elect Nominee and 2 Directors.  Elections are in December. 


Please send your nominations to any of the three members of the nominating committee:

Roxy Skogen 

or Mike Glickman
Current Members are:
Roxy Skogen President (14-15)
Wayne Heili President-Elect (15-16)
Brian McCash President-Elect Nominee (16-17)
Mike Glickman  Past President
Marie Puryear Secretary (Til end of 16-17) 
Debbie Bradley Treasurer (Til end of 16-17) 
Barb Redder til 2015
Charlie Moore til 2015
Mary Baker til 2016
Blaine Christensen til 2016
Chad Cundy til 2017
Gary Lathrop til 2017
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Declaration of Rotarians

Posted by Marie Puryear on Sep 28, 2011
Please read the Declaration of Rotarians as we enter our Vocation month of October.
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Programs -Brandon Kosine coordinates this year

Posted by Marie Puryear

Brandon Kosine, President-Elect, will be coordinating programs for us this Rotary year. 

Are you a member with a program we should see?  Do you know of anyone that would be a great program for us?  If you have ideas of who would be a great presentation to Five Trails Rotary, please have them contact Brandon at  

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Have a new member to propose?

Posted by Marie Puryear

Thinking about proposing a new member to our club?  If so, go to our ClubRunner site ( and log in.   Find the Home Page Downloads section on the left of the page and look for our new membership application.  It is pretty self-explanatory.  If you have questions, please email Albon at  Thanks!

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Make your missed meetings up ONLINE!!

Posted by Marie Puryear
I received information on another online Rotary club's site where you can make a meeting up and get credit for it: We now offer a way for members of Casper-Five Trails Rotary to easily do meeting makeups online. For example, watch "How We'll Stop Polio For Good" to find out more about the Polio eradication project in 23 minutes than you've probably learned during your whole time in Rotary.

Or check out the "What is Rotary" series at It's great for new club members.

"Like" our Facebook page:

"Follow" us on Twitter at!/irvinerotary

We're always trying to improve the site, so please send me any comments or suggestions. Yours in Rotary, Ray Sanford Past President Rotary Club of Irvine

Go to and:

Read a variety of current articles in our Programs section and/or choose articles from our Archived Programs list and/or information from our Avenues of Service pages. You will be required to answer questions. There is space on the makeup request form for up to three articles to be reviewed, however you will need to read more than three to meet your 30 minute visit obligation.

At the end of your 30 minute visit click on Make-up Request Form from the drop-down menu at top of page OR the bottom of each make-up program.

Read Makeup Request Form carefully, and follow instructions. A Make-Up Form will appear once you press the SUBMIT button (one time only) and an email copy will be sent to the email address you provided.


Once your make-up appears, if you know the email address, you can also click on File, Send and email a copy to your club secretary (

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